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Regrettably, a member of the legislature in Oklahoma appears to enjoy delivering hate speeches. During one of the speeches various comments were made relating to gays; one might think the comments came from an uneducated and narrow-minded recluse. Personal and religious views were being advocated by an elected official; not only were the views slamming gays, but our own President of the United States as well for his support of certain gay events. The following is a summarized portion of those advocated views:

The nation will be destroyed by the homosexual agenda.

Societies embracing homosexuality won’t last long.

Homosexuality is a bigger threat to the nation than terrorism.

City councils across the country are being infiltrated by gays.

Gay activists are going after young children two years of age or older teaching them a homosexual lifestyle is acceptable.

At the time I was exposed to those views, I honestly believed the residents of Oklahoma should definitely be concerned with having someone of such low caliber representing them in the state legislature; I still do today. An individual with that type of mentality could be dangerous; that mentality could easily incite rioting. I ask each and every one of you to pray for that legislative member; pray the darkness will be lifted and replaced with God’s guiding light; however, in the meantime, she needs to be removed from office due to her current state of mind exhibited by the comments she has made and stands behind.

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