Help Us Save CA Water Supply, Food Source & Environment

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Help Us Save CA Water Supply, Food Source & Environment

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Keep California Farming started this petition to Vice Chair, U.S. House Subcommittee on Interior, Environment and Related Agencies The Honorable Ken Calvert and

Government agencies have been purposefully flushing billions of gallons of our fresh water supply directly out into the ocean during our current water crisis. This year alone more than 1 million acre-feet of water has been flushed out to sea, with another 550,000 acre feet being proposed for similar actions by State and Federal agencies. That’s enough water to supply the domestic needs of 9.4 million people or grow over 26 billion salads.

These government agencies claim they are taking these actions to try and save declining fish populations, even though after decades of this practice we know it is doing absolutely nothing to solve the problem, and in fact, it's now directly contributing to a further decline of our fish species in the Delta. But they continue to waste our dwindling water supply on a failed solution instead of focusing on real proven tactics that science tells us can help our endangered species.

Now, one of these agencies is proposing using emergency drought fund dollars to purchase water PREVIOUSLY AVAILABLE to urban and agricultural users, in order to flush even more California water out to the ocean. We say NO MORE!

(For more info please watch the two very short and informative videos at the top & bottom of this petition)



  • These agencies have caused a 75% decline in our delta trout alone from last year to this year. Billions of gallons of fresh cold water were sent directly out to sea in the hope trout would go with them. None went and then no cold water was left for them to breed in. Despite the 75% decline last year THEY DID IT AGAIN THIS YEAR causing even further devastation to our delta trout population.
  • By relying only on a failed solution, these agencies are openly refusing to protect our endangered fish from their #1 greatest threat, the non-native predator bass, who are eating all our tiny smelt and salmon causing a HUGE decline in their populations. 
  • More important than flushing water out to sea, is the temperature of the water that is left. As water levels drastically drop, water temperature is rising to unlivable conditions for our fish species so they can't breed and it's also making them even more susceptible to predators as the water becomes more shallow and they are easier prey. 



As a huge portion of our water supply is being flushed out to sea on a failed solution, there is not enough left for our cities and for our farmers to grow our food. 

  • California’s agriculture industry is a 54 billion dollar a year economy that creates 2.5 million jobs throughout 56 of California’s 58 counties. It takes water for our farmers to grow our food and if we don’t act now, all consumers will pay the price.
  • We are the #1 supplier of food to the United States. The less food we produce in California, the more food costs increase throughout the nation.
  • In addition, we become more dependent on foreign countries like China, Brazil, and Mexico for a growing portion of our food supply and have ZERO control over the regulations of that food source.



More than 15 federal, state and regional bureaucracies have almost unchecked power to make decisions about how to use California’s precious water supply with no regard to the consequences of these failed experiments. Many of these decisions are not based on science and some even conflict with each other. 



If the current policies continue, EVERYONE loses. Fish populations continue to decline while the lack of water hurts urban water users, farms, businesses, entire communities and more.

  • More than 2.5 million California jobs rely on farm production in 56 of California’s 58 counties
  • Already 5,433 people in Tulare county have no access to running water. 
  • Entire communities are in decline, as tens of thousands of jobs associated with farming are leaving the Central Valley and there are no replacement jobs being created.
  • Unemployment in the most fertile valley in the nation remains higher than the state and nation as a whole. This affects all businesses that depend on California farms and will have a ripple effect across the state.
  • Latino farmworkers and their families, have been devastated by this situation, forcing many into food lines to survive. And now, their children are at further risk as schools and health departments are warning of environmental problems impacting their communities.
  • Social services in agriculture communities are strained, and with more land taken out of production, the demand for social services will increase as unemployment and bankruptcies continue to increase.
  • Californians will lose considerable production of fresh vegetables, fruit, nuts, and organic products and will be forced to rely on products grown in other states and foreign countries.

We ALL need a healthy environment in order to thrive. When water supplies are out of balance, it means limiting water not just to agriculture, but also to our cities, businesses, schools, recreation, water quality projects, and other environmental concerns.



By signing this petition, you are asking Congress to pass legislation that will secure a more reliable water future for all California water users – urban, farm, and environmental.

Your support will be helping us take REAL ACTION to resolve California’s current water crisis.

Your signatures and messages will be presented along with this official letter to Congress and key agencies

Please sign this petition and join the growing list of hundreds of concerned citizens who have personally signed this letter.

We have no more time – or water – to waste and respectfully demand that our government ACT NOW.



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This petition had 1,261 supporters

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