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Petitioning Hasbro Studios Michael Vogel and 7 others

Allow Project: Synergy to become the live action JEM and the Holograms



Project: Synergy is a live action movie project of the Live Action JEM & The Holograms. My team and I are urging Hasbro to allow us to film our version to be the Official JEM & The Holograms Film. 

Jem and the Holograms was a staple in my youth. Many people across the globe feel the same. I believe my co-writer, and I have captured the emotion and realness of what it would be like if Jem was in our reality.

The now completed script is also followed by a merchandise plan, which the merchandisers are prepared to start upon approval. There are also sponsors and investors who are teaming up to help support the project. 

 I think it's a great revisit to JEM. I have a great cast, and I believe that they will do the JEM empire, justice.




Letter to
Hasbro Studios Michael Vogel
Hasbro Studios Michael A. Verrecchia
President - Hasbro Studios Stephen Davis
and 5 others
CEO of Hasbro Brian Goldner
Vice President, Investor Relations Debbie Hancock
SVP, Distribution & Development. Hasbro International Finn Arnesen
Director, Global Brand Marketing at Hasbro John Tomulonis
Global Vice President of Marketing Valerie Jurries (Global Vice President of Marketing)
I want to see Project: Synergy, The Jem & The Holograms Story, Written by Wayne Smith, Jr and Alexis Jeter Rogers, The Live Action version of JEM & The Holograms.