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Allow Project: Synergy to become the live action JEM and the Holograms

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In light of fan response to Jon M. Chu, Braun, and Blumhouse's version of JEM, I am resubmitting a petition to move forward with my version. 

Project: Synergy is a fan-friendly, movie project of the Live Action JEM & The Holograms. 

There have been articles stating that JEM is no longer a viable property. I believe that Jem still remains strong. 

Although ticket sales for Jem and the Holograms: The Movie were low, you may think that fans no longer care about JEM, but that is far from the truth. 

Fans demanded the JEM they know and love. No Updates, No Filler, No Throw Backs. 

Your Jem fans have been waiting in legions for the coming of JEM The Movie, but the result of the film was not the JEM they knew. 

They wanted 80's! They wanted Glamour! They wanted a Holographic Synergy coming from a computer, not a robot! 

There are properties that are inspired by JEM that are:


New “Star Darlings” content and products will be released through November, including an accompanying storytelling and lifestyle app, music from Walt Disney Records, the first shorts in an animated series on YouTube, and a fashion dolls line created in collaboration with Malibu-based Jakks Pacific Inc. available at Justice stores nationwide.

I researched Star Darlings. Their archetypes are: Singer, Songwriter, Fashion Designer, Technology Wiz, and Tomboy. Sounds like JEM to me. 

Jem and the Holograms was a staple in my youth. Many people across the globe feel the same. For many fans, JEM was a representation of the mother that some of them never had or what they wished their mother would be. It was more than a cartoon to the fans.

I believe my co-writer, and I have captured the emotion and realness of what JEM and the Holograms really should be. 

The current film strips away the characters' empowerment as they are no longer business professionals or no longer have the responsibility of orchestrating a foster home.  

The now completed script is accompanied by a business plan, as well as a merchandise plan, which the merchandisers are prepared to start upon approval. There are also sponsors (Vh1 Save The Music/The Geena Davis Institute) as well as investors who are teaming up to help support the project. 

 I think it's a great revisit to JEM. I have a great cast, and I believe that they will do the JEM empire, justice.




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