Petitioning President - Hasbro Studios Stephen Davis and 5 others

Allow Project: Synergy to become the live action JEM and the Holograms

In light of fan response to Jon M. Chu, Braun, and Blumhouse's version of JEM, I am resubmitting a petition to move forward with my version. 

Project: Synergy is a fan-friendly, movie project of the Live Action JEM & The Holograms. 

Jem and the Holograms was a staple in my youth. Many people across the globe feel the same. I believe my co-writer, and I have captured the emotion and realness of what JEM and the Holograms really should be. 

The current film strips away the characters' empowerment as they are no longer business professionals or no longer have the responsibility of orchestrating a foster home.  

The now completed script is accompanied by a business plan, as well as a merchandise plan, which the merchandisers are prepared to start upon approval. There are also sponsors (Vh1 Save The Music/The Geena Davis Institute) as well as investors who are teaming up to help support the project. 

 I think it's a great revisit to JEM. I have a great cast, and I believe that they will do the JEM empire, justice.




Letter to
President - Hasbro Studios Stephen Davis
CEO of Hasbro Brian Goldner
President, Hasbro Brands John Frascotti
and 3 others
Attorney, Out-Licensing and Games Brands at Hasbro Stephanie North
Senior Accounting Representative at Hasbro Adrian Parks
General Manager Simon Waters
I want to see Project: Synergy, The Jem and The Holograms Story, Written by Wayne Smith, Jr and Alexis Jeter Rogers, The Live Action version of JEM and The Holograms.