Stop Loraas Landfill in RM of Caledonia

Stop Loraas Landfill in RM of Caledonia

January 2, 2021
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Community of Milestone & Avonlea
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Why this petition matters

Started by Larissa Sudom


A Loraas landfill in our farming community will be devastating – the proposed massive-scaled garbage landfill will be affecting the Milestone and Avonlea communities.

What we know about this landfill:

  • It is a private (for-profit) garbage landfill
  • Will be serving Moose Jaw & Regina and area
  • Located on mating grounds of the sharp-tailed grouse – endangering bird 
  • Located beside protected native grasslands
  • A shallow water aquifer is located below the site and is at risk for contamination
  • All water runoffs in the area are at risk for contamination, including farm drinking water
  • Cattle welfare at risk due to close grazing locations
  • All surrounding wildlife habitats at risk
  • Heavy trucking will greatly increase in area; added pollution, noise, road damage
  • Depreciate land value, mounting road repair costs

This massive garbage landfill site will be a stain on our community and land. Please sign the petition and keep our farming communities and grasslands peaceful, beautiful, and garbage-free.

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Signatures: 1,586Next Goal: 2,500
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