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Oops! Please re-sign letter to Obama on radioactive waste policy    :)


Nuclear Information and Resource Service 
Oops! We blew it!

Please re-sign the letter to President Obama on U.S. radioactive waste policy

April 14, 2009

Dear Friends,

Ouch! When we screw up, we do it big-time!

A lot of people signed our letter to President Obama on radioactive waste policy yesterday. Thank you! But because of a programming error--you don't want to know, but it was our fault--none of the sign-on information was captured! In short, we have no idea who signed.

So, we apologize profusely, but please sign the letter again!\

Individuals: if you are signing for yourself, please sign here.

Organizations/Businesses: if you are authorized to sign on behalf of an organization or business, please sign here.

Note: Thank you to those who contributed to NIRS yesterday! That information was captured and you don't need to contribute again (and if you didn't contribute yesterday, we hope you'll consider doing so today!).

Also, the formatting of the letter was problematic in some browsers (our system doesn't like Microsoft Word documents). That has been corrected in the new letter, although the footnotes have been removed (which our system still doesn't like). If you need to see the footnotes before you sign on, please send a note to, and we'll send you a Word copy of the letter. However, the final letter will be posted on NIRS website when it is sent to President Obama.

Our original letter from yesterday is below:

Dear Friends,

As you surely know, President Obama has kept a campaign promise: he has cut nearly all funding for the proposed Yucca Mountain high-level radioactive waste dump and called for a re-evaluation of our radioactive waste policy.

This is a great first step toward the creation of a necessary environmentally and scientifically-sound approach to our growing radioactive waste problems. But it's only a first step.

Yucca Mountain is not quite dead yet. And there is growing pressure from the nuclear power industry to adopt absolutely unacceptable radioactive waste approaches such as reprocessing.

We have prepared a grassroots sign-on letter to President Obama commending his action on Yucca Mountain, and outlining our many concerns about radioactive waste policy as we move forward.

If you wish to read and sign this letter as an individual, please do so here.

If you are authorized to sign on behalf of an organization or business, please do so here.

The texts of the letters are identical. Sign-on deadline for both is Thursday, April 23 at 3 pm.

We encourage you to forward this e-mail and/or the links to the letter to all your friends and colleagues.

Thanks for all you do.

Michael Mariotte

Executive Director

Nuclear Information and Resource Service

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