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Sign: Justice for Neglected Dogs Left to Waste Away

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When police officers entered the home of Akron, Ohio couple Richard and Angel Facemire, what they found was devastating: four extremely malnourished dogs left to suffer in neglect -- one was near death, and so emaciated that every one of his ribs showed through his skin.

The police  had originally entered the couple’s home with a drug warrant, and were shocked to find the thin and neglected animals. They did not see any food or water for any of the dogs in the house, and they also learned that the dogs were kept in cramped cages for extended periods of time. The suspects had clearly been mistreating their dogs  for a long time to let them degenerate to this state.

The most emaciated dog was sent to a local animal hospital to recover. The other three dogs were sent to the Summit County Animal Shelter, where they will hopefully be able to find new homes.

The dogs thankfully survived their ordeal, but now their former owners must be given a sentence that fits their crime, and never be allowed to make another animal suffer.

Sign this petition to urge prosecutors to prevent future cruelty by making sure neither of these people is ever allowed to own an animal again.

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