Sign: Justice for Neglected Dog So Matted, She Could Barely Walk

Sign: Justice for Neglected Dog So Matted, She Could Barely Walk

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When officials performed a welfare check with a woman in Queen Creek, Arizona, they were shocked to find an emaciated cocker spaniel and horse inside her home.

The cocker spaniel, Lillie, was extremely emaciated, and there were matted clumps of fur on her ears and legs, making it hard to even walk. Lillie was rushed to an animal hospital for treatment, and thankfully is starting to show signs of improvement.

One of the vets treating Lillie called this the worst case of this kind of neglect he has seen in his 21 years working as a veterinarian.

The horse, Santos, was covered in parasites, and was so thin every one of his ribs was visible. He also suffered from a major untreated heart murmur.

Unfortunately, his health was so bad he had to be euthanized.

The animals' former owner  told police that the animals had not been to a veterinarian in years. She also clearly had not been feeding the animals or taking care of them in any way. She is currently facing four counts of animal cruelty, and three of the charges could be upgraded to felonies after the veterinarians finish compiling their report.

These animals’ keeper  horribly abused these animals, effectively killing one of them. Sign to urge the judge at Maripoca County court to serve justice, and ban her from ever owning another animal again.