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Sign: Justice for Skeletal Dog Left for Dead by Animal Control Officer

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Over New Year’s weekend, a New Jersey landlord discovered three badly neglected dogs -- one so emaciated you could see nearly every bone in his body -- abandoned in an empty apartment. So they did the right thing and called the NJSPCA.

But to everyone's shock, the animal control officer refused to rescue the dogs, saying the shelter was full and it was a holiday weekend. The officer also reportedly commented that the city would not pay for the medical expenses the skeletal puppy would need to survive.

Fortunately, When informed about this exchange, others at the NJSPCA quickly stepped in and made sure the dogs were rescued. The emaciated puppy required immediate medical care to deal with his dire condition — every one of his ribs were visible, and he was weak and starving. The other two dogs, who were both healthy, were placed in the SPCA shelter.

While the puppy thankfully survived and is in a stable condition, the next dogs left in this neglectful animal control officer’s care may not be so lucky. The NJSPCA is launching an investigation to find the owner who abandoned the dogs, but they must also bring justice to the animal control officer who callously left the dogs to die. Sign this petition to tell the NJSPCA that you want the animal control officer to be removed from their position at once, and undergo a full investigation.

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