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Justice for Kitten Plucked Bald in 'Hairless Sphynx' Scam

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A woman in Alberta, Canada thought she was purchasing a purebred Sphynx kitten from an online ad. But after shelling out $700 for the tiny “hairless” cat, she learned the shocking truth. This was a regular cat whose fur was painfully plucked out to make him look like a Sphynx. And authorities are refusing to even investigate.

The woman who purchased the kitten, JoAnne Dyck, reported that the animal cried constantly and hated being touched. He also did not get along well with Dyck’s older cat, so Dyck decided to find someone else to care for the troubled kitten. But when the new owner brought the frightened animal to the vet, the truth was revealed: the cat was covered in small, painful cuts caused by either a razor or Nair. A week after the trip to the vet, the kitten had grown a coat of orange fur.

After Dyck shared her story on social media, two other women came forward and said that they had been taken in by a similar scam, showing that Dyck’s case was not just an isolated incident. Dyck reported the scam to the Calgary Humane Society, but they said that because Dyck had not gotten the name or address of the cruel kitten seller, they could not investigate the case.

For the sake of the poor kittens trapped with abusive breeders, this case and similar cases must be investigated -- and those who commit such horrific cruelty must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!

Sign the petition to tell the Calgary Humane Society that they must find whoever is responsible for this cruel “hairless” cat scam, and file charges against them at once.

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