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Sign: Close Down 'Hell on Earth' for Monkeys

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The Chiang Mai Monkey Centre is truly Hell on Earth for monkeys. Please add your voice to help shut this abusive “attraction” down.

At this tourist trap in Thailand, monkeys spend their entire lives in chains and cages. They’re only let out of their cage to perform for tourists. And even while they’re performing, they’re never freed from the metal chain tied around their neck.

A Youtube video by Open Chiang Mai shows the demeaning and painful tricks the monkeys are forced to perform every day. Trainers make them play basketball, weight-lift, and ride a bicycle, all while attached to their short chain.

Then there’s the cruel “push-up” trick. During this trick, the trainer holds the monkey down while the animal howls in pain as they try to lift themselves up.

Looking through TripAdvisor reviews, it’s clear that the suffering of these animals has not gone unnoticed. Many visitors have left one-star reviews that detail the filthy conditions the monkeys live in. Most of these visitors say they would not go back and warn other tourists not to visit this cruel establishment.

The Chiang Mai Monkey Centre must be shut down, and the monkeys trapped there must be sent to sanctuaries.  It’s inhumane to keep these intelligent creatures caged and chained their entire lives, just for our entertainment.

Stand up for the monkeys who are suffering every day. Sign this petition to tell the Thai ambassador that you want this cruel tourist trap shut down!

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