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Sign: Ban Cruelly Chaining Up Dogs in Texas

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Texas finally has a chance to save dogs from suffering and death with a proposed bill that will ban keeping dogs on chains, or tethering them in any way without access to food, water or shelter from the elements.

Tethering can be extremely dangerous for dogs. Many are tied up with thick, heavy chains, and are injured by the weight. Plus, dogs sometimes get tangled up in their chains and are choked to death. With no shade, any kind of tethering can be deadly on hot Texas days.

"Imagine being chained 24/7 (in the) blazing heat, freezing ice, or sleeting rain,” a statement from the Texas Humane Legislation Network says. “Thousands of dogs across the state only know life like this and many dogs die as a result of inhumane tethering. Strangulation, heatstroke, freezing to death, and inability to access food, water, or shelter are the most common causes.”

Texas animal control officers receive calls almost every day from people who have seen a tethered dog and are concerned for their safety. Plus, shelters often have to take in neglected dogs that were left on a chain for days on end.

If the bill, HB 1156/SB 1090, is passed, it will make it a crime to harmfully tether or chain dogs. This bill will help put an end to a cruel practice that has resulted in many dogs' deaths. Sign this petition to urge Texas lawmakers to pass the bill and save dogs from suffering and dying on chains.

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