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This is a petition to Sigma to create a Mirrorless Camera for the Micro Four Thirds Standard.

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Dear Awesome Sigma, I've owned Nikons, Canons and Sony cameras. A few years ago I abandoned my Nikon DSLR equipment in 2008 and switched to the Micro Four Thirds standard. This mirrorless format has become the best go-to camera setup I have ever owned in my career as a pro photographer both because the technology is cutting edge, and it's more of an open standard and cooperative between photographic companies which in turn benefits the customer, and the end user, allowing us to choose a wide variety of different lenses from different manufacturers. However, In between this transition, I owned the Sigma DP1 and DP2, which contained a Foveon sensor, which is completely different than the traditional Bayer sensor technology used in most digital cameras on the market. The Foveon sensor captured sharp details, better color and deeper dynamic range in a unique way that I had never seen before in a modern digital camera and in my opinion the Foveon sensor is a superior technology that goes unrivaled in the photography industry.

I feel Sigma could enrich the mirrorless community by developing an M4/3 mirrorless camera that contains a Foveon sensor. It would further enhance an already strong community of professionals and amateurs currently using the open Micro Four Thirds standard and give consumers a really strong third option when comparing and shopping for camera bodies.

This would be a dream come true for a lot of photographers, especially for me, which is why I decided to create a petition. Olympus and Panasonic are excellent companies as well, but I'm really a big supporter of Sigma's progress and efforts and I feel that creating a system for the M4/3 format would be a step in the right direction for such an excellent company!


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