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Reinstate faculty positions at Sierra Nevada College

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On July 13, 2017 six professors were fired from Sierra Nevada College in what appears to be a politically motivated maneuver designed to quell conflict and dissent between the faculty and administration. The only justification given for the selection was a "termination that would have the least impact on the student body."

Two of these "terminated" professors served as the faculty council chair and vice-chair, where they worked to ensure that the faculty received fair and just compensation from an administration that has been continually undervaluing its educators for years. This is a growing problem in higher education, where the bureaucracy of bloated administrations essentially ruins the faculty's ability to educate. Colleges and universities are no longer places of learning, but are instead becoming factories for an underserved and ill informed public.

All of these terminated professors have been dedicated educators. They have been striving to enhance their students through civic engagement and critical thinking abilities. They all have worked hard to ensure the success of their students both in and out of the classroom. These educators deserve to be treated better than this.

On top of all this, many other professors were demoted or had their positions reduced. 

The president's response to this action is vague and falls under the auspices of budgetary constraints. This is a man who is receiving a six figure salary to gut the school and terminate its faculty. As president of the school, he should be leading it to a better future. Instead he's taking the school's money (earned from student loan debt and faculty budget cuts) and disappears when leadership is needed most.

This is NOT what leadership looks like, this is theft. A real educational leader would have reduced their own salary before sacrificing the resources of their faculty.

We call upon the Board of Trustees, the President Alan Walker, and the Provost Shannon Beets to immediately reinstate the terminated faculty. We call on ALL alums to denounce this move, and to cease any economic or other support for Sierra Nevada College until these positions are reinstated.


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