Justice for Benji (punish his owners, file a lawsuit)

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Benji, an adorable dog, was on the verge of starving to death as he had been reduced to a mere skeleton for not being fed properly. The hostility of his owners left him emaciated to the extent that he could not even walk properly. The poor thing was left to fend for himself while being tied to a two foot chain, that too on a concrete floor. When rescuers at Sidewalk Specials reached out to save him, Benji got even more scared and refused to walk out with them. It was because he had never experienced kindness before. He never understood why he was being dragged out of the shed by the rescuers.Records have it that Benji's body was covered in wounds at the time of rescue. Earlier people had thrown stones at him and Benji could not fight or escape it while being tied. The footage of his ravaged body in daylight brings tears to one's eyes. It was only when Benji was taken to foster care was when his condition improved. Later when he was adopted by a loving mom, Benji found a new life that he could love and gain his trust back on humanity. However, the story should not end here for him. Benji needs justice and his owners will have to be exposed. We urge that they should be put behind bars for this inhuman act and should be fined very heavily. We request Sidewalk Specials to file a lawsuit against those defaulters so that they can be punished for this dastardly act. Benji and several other dogs who become victims of such barbaric acts need justice. Your signature will count. Bring this change if you love animals. Don't just sit behind a computer screen and rant. Be a part of this movement. Fight for justice. Animal Laws need to be stricter, tighter. Let us come together and raise a red flag because these poor animals who can't even speak have had enough.