Shuttle Buses for Athletic Practices

Shuttle Buses for Athletic Practices

March 2, 2022
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Superintendent Dr. Mark Potter and 2 others
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Started by Eric Nestor

The Liverpool Central School District did not provide after-school shuttle buses to transport students between schools for sports practices in fall 2021. The district intends to continue this lack of shuttles for the spring 2022 sports season. Not providing buses hurts our students and families, particularly working families and families with multiple children in school sports.

While some parents may be able to flex their work schedule to assist in transportation for their children, this is not an option for all families. It adds undue stress on families and our children who are worried about being able to get to practice.

Other school districts in Onondaga County are providing shuttle buses for after-school sports. The Liverpool Central School District is the third largest district in the county and should be providing the same service to its students that other districts are providing.

Our families deserve to know that Liverpool Central School District will take care of their children and get them to where they need to be. Our students deserve to be able to try out and participate in athletics without the lack of after school shuttle buses making that determination for them. Providing shuttle buses is a hassle for the district. It may be more convenient to not provide them. However, Liverpool needs to put our children, their experiences, and opportunities first in this decision.


This petition made change with 402 supporters!

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Decision Makers

  • Dr. Mark PotterSuperintendent
  • Ari LibermanAthletic Director
  • Craig DaleyPresident, LCSD Board of Education