Cancel the limitation of EPS files to 4 megapixels on Shutterstock

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On April 8, 2019, Shutterstock is changing submission requirements for vector EPS files to be at least 4 megapixels willing to make upload "easier" because JPG previews will be created automatically, but with a restriction of 50 MB to file sizePresenting this changes as a simplification of upload process, Shutterstock forgets that a huge amount of top selling vectors are complex graphics with meshes, many blending modes and shapes. And if this vector files will be upscaled to 4 Mpx - file size will be much more bigger than 50 MB. For example, some files can be 500 MB or even 1,5GB in such dimensions. 

We thought that Shutterstock postponed this update, but again - we have same conditions as before. We don't want to produce and work giant EPS files, same as your customers. There was no problem with small eps files, if need they can be scaled up by client to a desired size. But store and transfer small files - much more easier. 

We're still willing to cancel this changes to submission requirements.