Shutdown Parchman Prison in Parchman Mississippi

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Hello My name is Shayla Adams and I need your help closing down Parchman Prison in Parchman Mississippi. The conditions and abuse recieved by the inmates is unorthodox and inhumane. These human beings are not only living in squalor but being beaten, abused, and made to drink water so contaminated it's not safe for use.

The prison itself is the oldest prison in Mississippi and it shows in the deterioration with leaking ceilings, black mold, holes and erosion in the walls so bad you can see outside. Imagine it was a loved one of yours would you want them to live in those conditions?

This prison is not only breaking laws but its killing people. Please help me to fix this issue and to give these people a more stable enviroment. Rehabilitation starts with the environment an unstable environment makes for unstable people. Thank you for your time.