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Shutdown Maple Lane Wildlife Farm; Stop the exhibition of exotic animals! Find an organization that will be able to give these exotic animals a home and free them from confinement.

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       This roadside exotic animal farm/zoo has been previously inspected and found in violation of the Animal Welfare Act by the USDA/aphis in 2011. These animals will live out the rest of their lives in frustrating isolation.  There is a small community in Topeka Indiana that has allowed a family to build a wildlife farm for profit. This facility is located off the side of the road next to a farm equipment supplier. It is called Maple Lane Wildlife farm. I spoke with the owner and he proceeded to tell me that that he has and maintains two hundred animals on his 25 acre homestead. On their website they have a house call option. So if any one in general public wants, they can call them and they will bring the baby animals to your house for your entertainment events. I believe that they are putting themselves, the community, and wild animals at risk of being harmed. . These animals are clearly agitated and show signs of neurotic behavior In their cages. If one were to get loose the public and domestic animals would be in danger. I do not see signs of starvation but there are definite signs that the animals needs are not being met. The animals did not have good if any water source or supply. these animals do not belong in the suburbs of Indiana. This is not their habitat. They arenot happy animals. This place needs to be stopped. people in this community see it as a commodity. The local schools bring kids here on field trips when we need to be teaching them the inhumanity of such a place. But most of the local people don't see that these animals are miserable they just see a family who saved some big cool animals and think they gave them a home. This isn't a home. Indiana is one of the states that doesn't ban people from having exotic pets. As long as you have a USDA regulation permit for the animals it is not against any law in Indiana . I would love to help change that law with the support of this petition, and give animals a voice. Stop exhibiting exotic wild animals. Shut down this roadside zoo.      I asked him where he receives these animals, he told me that he has been breeding them, or from other private owners who can't take care of them anymore. They are fed road kill during the summer and the owner purchases truck loads of culver ducks during the winter. And when you enter the farm you can purchase frozen meatballs, fruit, or dry dog food/ grain to feed to exotic animals. There is a perimeter fence around the individual animal cages but at each one a piece of PVC pipe is placed int the rungs of the fence so spectators can feed the animals. All of the wild animals and big cats exhibit signs of neurotic behavior such as pacing, excessive grooming, licking, and aggression.           There are five adult tigers, four adolescent bears in a small circular cage. They have one zebra that keep caged by himself. I believe the primate they house is a baboon, it looks like a baboon anyway. Either way you look at it they house a wild primate that could have the potential of harming someone. There is a camel tied to a post saddled up for anyone who wants a ride. ( child attraction) .  They possess a male lion which is caged sadly by himself. They also house reindeer, deer, goats, sheep, ostriches, and emus.           I am an animal lover and I believe in wild animals living in wild habitats not in someone's backyard.  There have been people going to this place and then leaving saying " gosh I feel so sad for those animals".         The laws and regulations have loopholes that protects the human and not the animal. The owner of this particular animal farm has been in violation of the Animal Welfare Act during an inspection in 2011. I want to be able to help educate and change the way people think about supporting exhibitions and public attention of wild animals for entertainment, and with this petition I would ask for this farm to be closed and the exotic animals be safely removed and relocated to an actual accredited sanctuary that will free them of the confinement they have been subjected to.           Thank you, Shantel Treft  260-343-1610 Sent from my iPad

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