Shut Myne Maatjies Daycare Down!! Mariaan Van Rensburg to NEVER own a daycare AGAIN!

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Parents of children at the MYNE Maatjies Day Care Centre in Randfontein Gauteng are removing their children after videos of staff members abusing the children have been circulated on social media.

The concerned parents said they had been noticing strange behaviors in their children, and then the videos confirmed their doubts about the centre.

Mariaan Van Rensburg (owner of the daycare) has made a video apologizing, claiming that she only smacked the child on the hands but doesn't know about the other abuse! 

I have created this petition so that we can come together for our children's sake and hopefully shut this creche down and make sure Mariaan Van Rensburg is to NEVER open another daycare again, and never allowed to look after children!