Shut Down Wildlife Services' Killing Machine

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America's deadliest government program, USDA’s Wildlife Services, slaughters a staggering amount of wildlife. Even endangered species and pets are sometimes caught in their death traps -- so-called collateral damage.

The rogue agency last year killed nearly 1.5 million native animals last year, among them 357 gray wolves, 338 black bears, 1,002 bobcats, 375 mountain lions, 3,349 foxes, 22,521 beavers and 68,186 coyotes — mostly at the behest of the agriculture industry.

We can't and won't let this war on animals continue. Please sign our petition to let [TK] know this killing operation must end.

Wildlife Services doesn’t just kill millions of animals, it uses cruel methods to do so: body-crushing traps, poison and aerial gunning.

The feds need to get out of the wildlife-slaughter business. There's no scientific basis for continuing to shoot, poison and strangle millions of wild creatures.

Populations of wildlife are plummeting across the planet, putting us on the precipice of an extinction crisis that could kill off a million species.

Humans are becoming more alone on the Earth every day. We can't tolerate the purposeful, mass killing of wildlife.

Our government needs to end this appalling extermination regime.

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