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Shut down West Coast Farms (Henryetta, OK) for extreme animal cruelty

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A recent undercover investigation at West Coast Farms, LLC in Henryetta, OK has brought to light practices of extreme animal cruelty toward the pigs housed there.  See the video at:  West Coast Farms is a pork supplier for Tyson and Walmart.

The undercover investigation has found the following: workers beating, punching, kicking, pulling on, and screaming at pigs; workers slamming and throwing conscious piglets onto the ground to "euthanize" them, leaving them to suffer for sometimes up to one hour before succumbing to their injuries; workers clipping off the tails of piglets and ripping out testicles without the use of painkillers or sterile techniques; piglets being picked up and shaken; sick and injured pigs left without veterinary care; pregnant pigs confined to filthy and completely restrictive metal gestation crates; etc.

The level of cruelty occurring at this farm at the hands of the sadistic workers and under the supposed "blind eye" of the owner/partner, Lonnie Herring, is ghastly and should not be supported or ignored by anybody.  LONNIE HERRING AND ALL OF THE WEST COAST FARMS WORKERS INVOLVED, EITHER DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY, MUST BE PUNISHED BY THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW.  WEST COAST FARMS MUST BE SHUT DOWN FOR GOOD SO NO OTHER PIG SHALL BE EXPOSED TO THE ATROCITIES OCCURING THERE.

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