Shut down gun stores worldwide + Stop selling them! (Find out why)

Shut down gun stores worldwide + Stop selling them! (Find out why)

June 3, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Hello there... It's me, Geometry Dash MichTop, I'm here to ask you questions :

You feel stressed out due to school shootings happening? You want this to stop? You want guns to be banned? You don't want to die too young? Well, guess what? This petition is for you! :)

Now, let's talk about who's involved in this. Since lots of school shootings are happening in 2022, guns are most likely used by random teenagers now. This is ridiculous... Now so many students are getting traumatized because of this. I really feel bad for the victims, dead people and traumatized students :,(

What needs to change is to ban guns. Not completely ban them, but make guns legal for police officers and the army only. The one who has the power to do this is the governments, so those are the following decisions that are highly recommended for the governments to take :

-Make guns legal for the army and police officers only

-Stop selling guns

-Shut down weapons/guns stores

-Forcing police officers to go to people's houses to get guns. Everyone in houses is forced to give their weapons to police officers. If they don't give their weapons to the police, their punishment would be jail.

-Protect the place where the police officers have guns, with padlocks in order to prevent random people from getting guns.

-Get security cameras to catch people who are trying to destroy padlocks to get guns.

What happens if I win the petition? If I win, no more school shootings despite these ideas I have to stop school shootings! What happens if I lose? Well, sadly, if I lose, then there's no way to stop school shootings since there's always going to be people with mental diseases and there's nothing we can do about it, so guns are basically the source of school shootings.

Oh, and there's an important thing : do NOT ban video games that contain gun violence! Because it's just fiction. Just change the gun policy in real life with the details I mentioned above and it's going to be alright.

So yeah, if you agree with everything I said, don't forget to sign this petition, share it, and tell several people about it. I will be very happy if this happens, thank you! ;)

Geometry Dash MichTop


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Signatures: 13Next Goal: 25
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