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Shut down University of Washington National Primate Research Center

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By signing this petition you are supporting the end of primates in research! specifically within the Washington national primate research center at the University of Washington. (WaNPRC) We are urging WaNPRC to stop Acquiring primates once and for all and release as many as they can to a sanctuary.

The injustice of it all is truly horrific. Monkeys are tortured every single day of their lives for something that never has worked and never will work in the future. We are even paying for it, over 300 million taxpayer dollars go towards funding these facilities.
Have you ever wondered where these monkeys even come from? Primates are ripped from their wild homes and shipped to inhuman breeding facilities. When a University "orders" their monkeys infants are transported in small crates promoting overwhelming Anxiety, with little food intake it takes months for them to recover back to a natural state, but of course they are not given that. The moment they reach their destination, primates are immersed in research.

It is time for researchers to adopt more innovative and predictable methods. After it's all said and done, the product is always tested on humans anyways. Primates are communal creatures , in the wild they they live in troupes over 100. It is in their nature to roam, "It would be like a human living in a cage the size of a refrigerator by themselves their entire life.” says Caroline webb. Enrichment is THE most important factor in a healthy life for monkeys, what researchers claim is adequate entertainment are metal chains hanging from the roof. The prolonged periods of boredom primates face alone in their small cages are only Broken up by painful and invasive surgeries, monkeys often receive no anesthesia or medication to recover whatsoever. The effects of testing are irreversible. once they have gone through something so traumatic and draining, they go insane pacing around their cage, pulling out their hair and manipulating themselves. With such intense deprivation we simply Cannot expect anything else. Faculty that work at these centers are extremely unqualified for the job, improper and un detailed training lead far to many human errors. Monkeys escape and attack each other along with injuries due to un careful handling not only to the primates but humans are harmed by bites as well. Essentially in WaNPRC, there have been multiple cases of starvation and dehydration. They are simply not equipped to handle even the most minimal requirements for primates in research.

 It ends now. 

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