Shut down the Puppy Barn in Mt. Holly, NJ

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Recently someone bought a puppy from The Puppy Barn in Mt. Holly, NJ. The Puppy Barn is selling puppies with the Parvovirus and not telling the owners, until it is to late.  We need to get The Puppy Barn shut down for good.  They are very neglectful and have no regard towards an animals life. They should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Here's a true story:: It is with a heavy heart that I said hello and goodbye to this puppy yesterday. I made the grave error of purchasing a dog from The Puppy Barn in Mount Holly, New Jersey. I took her home after being told she was a complete cuddle bug. In reality, this dog was dying and incredibly lethargic. She had a deadly virus called Parvo that is extremely contagious to other dogs. The Puppy Barn knowingly sold her to me deathly ill. I noticed something was very wrong very fast. She was incredibly weak and lethargic and did nothing but sleep. She kept attempting to vomit but had nothing inside of her because she was so dehydrated and wasn't eating due to her illness. The Puppy Barn assured me her dry heaving and attempting to vomit was "hiccups." She came with a "clean bill of health" and had supposedly seen a vet the day prior to her coming home. There is NO way she became that sick that fast. Shortly after, my new puppy began getting uncontrollably sick and had stool that consisted of blood and worms. When rushed to the vet, I was told she might not make it through the night. Not only have I been sick with worry and regret and fear with her, but I have to worry about my other dog for weeks to come.

All of the puppies seemed lethargic and sick and I was stupid and oblivious because I was too excited to bring this baby home. PLEASE spread the word that these puppies are incredibly ill and if you're thinking about getting a puppy- learn from my mistake. Be patient and adopt don't shop.

Please share with anyone and everyone considering getting a puppy from this disgusting place. They don't deserve your money and you don't deserve the heartache of potentially losing a furry friend.

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