Shut down the national crime agency

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Please stop the cruel violation of human rights, bullying, electronic harassment and abuse of power from the NCA. They are watching everything you are doing using backscatter X ray technology which allows them to see through walls. Further details are reported here:

The level of detail it provides them with is the equivalent of a group of people coming to your house and taking all your clothes off as seen in the petition photo. This means that it's also capable of producing indecent images of children. They are not responsible enough to have access to electro magnetic weapons.

There is a reason this technology was taken out of all the airports. It's a massive violation of human rights, invasion of privacy and a danger to our health: 

What's worse, the guidelines set out under RIPA state it must be necessary and proportionate and that they must have a warrant before it can be used. Over the last 10 months, they have kept me under 24 hour a day intrusive surveillance and despite complaints made to the IPT tribunal, they continue to harass me without the use of a warrant and I am powerless to stop it. They have not arrested me because I am innocent. They are using me as a source of narcissistic entertainment. Its only a matter of time before this is used against you.

They have no regard for the law, have not followed the government guidelines set out under RIPA and the information they are gathering, which is protected under the data protection act, is being divulged to people outside of the organisation. Malicious, anonymous rumours are then being spread over social media such as Facebook and sent to your employer in an attempt to vandalise your life. They show no regard for the physical and mental well being of the public, even though they have a duty of care according to their own code of conduct.

This is not the first time the NCA have abused their power, acted unlawfully and violated human rights. "Mr Justice Hickinbottom, who presided over another of the NCA’s botched cases, decried the agency’s “egregious disregard for constitutional safeguards”."

We are told that this technology and these agencies are there to protect us from terrorists. That's a feeble excuse as the last 10 months of psychological abuse have proven. They use it willy nilly whenever they feel like it without appropriate authorisation. It's a case of pressing the on button without having to enter a warrant ID. This needs to be changed. It should require a warrant ID before it will activate and have an expiry. This is harrasment, discrimination and abuse of power.

We are also told in the press that the Manchester bomber was known to agencies but there are inadequate resources and funds to monitor the 23,000 suspected terrorists:

Sky are now reporting that a large number of convicted terrorists have been freed from prison, have not been rehabilitated and that security services are stretched to the limits and are therefore not able to monitor them:

Gun crime on the rise in the west midlands, 100 shootings this year alone. Where are the NCA and what are they doing about it?

More than 80 murders in London this year, which takes the toll higher than new york for the first time:

Knife crime epidemic in the UK and where are the NCA? Busy bullying, torturing and tormenting the living daylights out of people with electro magnetic weapons!

Meanwhile the NCA have spent £1.5m torturing and tormenting the life out of me.

The NCA funding of half a billion a year would be far better spent on the massively underfunded NHS:

Furthermore, this technology has links to cancer due to ionizing radiation it emits, the higher the exposure, the greater the risk, as detailed here:

In fact, several members of the NCA have been diagnosed with cancer and swear that it's the backscatter X ray equipment that caused it. They are now taking the agency on for damages as the health hazards of using this technology were not made clear and lied about. The radiation damage is cumulative.

Please sign the petition and ban the NCA from using this technology. There are inadequate safeguards put in place to protect our civil liberties, they are actively abusing their power and cannot be trusted. In addition, they are putting all our lives in danger by giving us cancer and are wasting valuable tax payers money.

The NCA funding would be far better spent on the NHS and on counter terrorism for MI5/6 to prevent horrific incidents like the Manchester bombing.


I have since discovered that backscatter X rays are not the only torture weapon at their disposal. The previously dismissed as conspiracy theory, DEW's (Directed Energy Weapons) are now a reality. They were used against the US diplomats in Cuba:

They are extremely neurologically damaging, especially long term as it causes permanent brain damage. In fact, here's the exact disease it gives us, which explains all the symptoms TI's complain about:

They know exactly how ill they make us but still continue to fry our heads with microwave energy with absolutely no regard for human life. I've been attacked repeatedly for 10 months now. They make people so ill that they think no one will believe us in a deliberate attempt to cover up their atrocities.

Further evidence from former MI5 doctor that electro magnetism is being used as a torture weapon against us:

They are artificially giving people schizophrenia using V2K technology described in the following patent:

Further evidence that V2K is real and that the NCA has no limits with regards to human rights violations and psychological abuse:

The George Orwell era has arrived, please wake up and see what's really going on here. We are sleep walking into a dystopian totalitarian future. 

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