Shut down the Al Qurashi Family Park Zoo, Sudan

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As most of us Animal Lovers are aware, the so called Al Qurashi Family Park Zoo has been exposed for abusing the animals in captivity. The Lions in particular are extremely sick and uncared for. The are literally starving to death! The Lions have been the main concern and are being treated by outside animal welfare teams, in particular Four Paws International.

The Lions were literally being left to die by the zoo.

Once they are strong enough “Four Paws International”  are intending to try to get the zoo to release the Lions to a sanctuary but there is no guarantee. 
We need to help! Spread the word! Reveal this Zoo’s horrific animal care and close this place down!!! If the Lions and other animals are to remain at this Zoo they will surely die a horrible death of starvation while laying on concrete and surrounded by bars. 
This is by far one of the most sickening, heart breaking stories of pain and suffering for animals. 
The more people that are aware of this horrific reality for these animals the more likely we can help Four Paws International remove the animals from this disgraceful place.