“Autumn is perfect for date rape.”

This and other pithy one-liners are printed on t-shirts for $12.99, thanks to an Etsy seller who goes by the name “FyourT.” The store, whose motto is “T-shirts, lame but expensive” has been open since July 2013. A line of t-shirts promotes messages of rape, elder abuse and sexual violence, including:

“Rape me gently.”

“I’m a sensitive guy. I only rape pregnant women.”

“Old people are useless. You can’t even rape them.”

According to Etsy’s terms of use, items or listings that promote, support or glorify acts of violence or harm towards self or others are strictly prohibited.

Tell Etsy to remove this seller from its online shop.   

Letter to
Etsy Community Management
An Etsy seller who goes by "FyourT" is selling offensive t-shirts that violates the Etsy terms of use, and promotes messages of rape, elder abuse and sexual violence.

Please remove this seller and its products.

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