Petitioning Jefferson Parish District Attorney Paul Connick Jr.

Shut Down Cruel Puppy Mill Full of Sick, Dying Dogs


Dogs kept in cramped cages, plagued with heart disease, anemia, and severe heartworm as they were forced to breed over and over again. Plastic tubs full of puppies, forced to endure cruel and illegal tail and ear docking, victim to crude home surgeries. By the time animal control officers seized 72 dogs from breeders of suspected puppy mill Hurricane Bullies in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, at least two puppies and one adult dog had no hope left, and died.

Now, the suspected puppy mill owner is trying in court to get the animals back, and wants to continue heartlessly breeding dogs to sell online for up to $5,000 each. This must not happen.

Anyone who would abuse and exploit animals in this way must be barred from ever owning animals again, let alone breeding them. And it wasn't just dogs who suffered: officials also confiscated 19 feral cats locked in kennels, 2 dead lizards, and a duck confined to a kennel with moldy food and no water to drink.

Dozens of animal cruelty charges are pending in this case, and it is imperative that prosecutors do the right thing. Sign the petition urging Jefferson Parish District Attorney Paul Connick Jr. to stop these cruel puppy mill breeders from opening their cruel operation -- or ever possessing any animals -- again.

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