Shut Down Companion Pet Clinic of Clackamas Oregon and Revoke Dr. Keith's License

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I was recently hired to work as a veterinary assistant at Companion Pet Clinic in Clackamas Oregon operated by Dr. Keith Bartholomew.

In just my first week of working I've witnessed several illegal acts as recognized by the state of Oregon Veterinary Examining Board. The following procedures are being performed by Veterinary Assistants (non-certified or licensed):

-Putting pets under anesthesia

-Administering Rabies vaccines

-Performing extractions on dental patients

- Euthanizing pets

Dr. Keith allows this to happen and actually trains and pressures assistants to partake in the illegal acts.

Not only that, but he threatens to kill or kick dogs and cats he doesn't like saying they're "awful pets and deserve to die". He has thrown a dog rather hard into a kennel, talks very poorly of clients and says some should "have a stupidity fee" and that he should "find a reason to put their pet under anesthesia".

The heart and respiratory monitoring equipment is hardly functional. In fact, on Monday March 12th he had a spay dog die on the table and had to do chest compressions to bring it back. This was the same dog he said deserves to be euthanized because it was acting aggressive out of fear and poor handling. After he brought the dog back he told everyone "I'm getting really good at that. That's probably the 12th dog now, right?"

On top of it all he is also 

-Throwing sharps in the regular garbage bin

-Disposing of animal bits and organs in the regular garbage bin

I am starting this campaign because I have contacted the Oregon Veterinary Examining Board and the only way for them to pursue the case is to have a written and signed document that states the employee has witnessed or performed these acts which Dr. Keith has made them do. This task will be highly difficult because is employees defend every thing he does. They are equally at fault for the treatment of these clients and animals.

That's where you step in. I'm hoping with enough signatures we can have this practice investigated, shut down and Dr. Keith Bartholomew losing his license to practice veterinary medicine. He does not have the pets or clients best interest at heart. They are not safe coming here.

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