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Shut Down Chicago Slaughterhouses

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We're all against animal cruelty. 

The most accepted form of animal abuse takes place in slaughterhouses. The horrific living conditions of these animals and the fact they are killed at all is unethical and inconsistent with our humanity. We don't treat our beloved dogs and cats in this way, yet we allow this to happen to other animals, and we fund it when we purchase animal products.

We have to do more than just bring awareness to the reality of the abuse taking place in our own city. It's time to shut these torture venues down. Ignorance is not an excuse anymore - with the rise of social media, most people by now have seen slaughterhouse footage and are aware of what happens in order to make meat.

Chicago Animal Save has held vigils for three Chicago slaughterhouses so far:

- Alliance Poultry

- Park Packing

- Halsted Packing House

We've seen chickens with large, bloody tumors, pigs with bruises, anal prolapses and bleeding, crammed into tightly packed areas covered in filth. We've heard the screams of the animals during their death and seen how they are treated with no mercy.

We can't allow this cruelty in our city. Not only do these slaughterhouses abuse animals, but all this meat consumption is ruining the health of our residents. Chicago is one of the major cities with high rates of obesity and health related illnesses directly caused by consuming animal products. It's common knowledge now that eating meat is the number one cause of heart disease.  

Let's save our animals and our health. Let's shut down Chicago Slaughterhouses.

Listen to your heart.


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