Shut Down C J BYFORD & SON

Shut Down C J BYFORD & SON

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Giles Francis Watling (Clacton On Sea MP)

Why this petition matters

Started by Hollie Garforth

C J BYFORD & SON Slaughterhouse of Little Clacton, Bonds Farm, Lodge Lane, CO16 9QE

There is video evidence of animals being abused and tortured here by the owners in their final moments and during their death.

Multiple laws have been broken by this family run business under the animal welfare act.

At slaughterhouses certain laws must be adhered to in line with the animal welfare act to ensure the least amount of suffering to the animal when it’s life is being taken.

Footage clearly shows animals bellowing for their lives as they see others being dismembered in front of them. Cows seen being left trying to escape being bolt gunned whilst in the box for the enjoyment of the owner who finds it highly amusing that the cow rips their own horns off. The animal welfare act states you must only enter the animal into the box when you are ready to stun it. Leaving the animal in such state of stress for such period it has ripped its horns off is a clear breach of this ruling.

The owner can be seen intentionally hurting the cows face whilst swearing and taking he’s aggression out. He purposely uses incorrect stunning procedures on the animal, again for the owners sick pleasure. He proceeds in watching the conscious cow cry out in agony and suffer tremendously. The animal welfare act states if there are signs of consciousness the animal must be re stunned. No attempt of this was done whatsoever he just continues to take out he’s anger on the cow despite watching the animal moving around and gasping from the hole in the throat. Another clear breach of the law. He then proceeds to throw the cows head across the slaughterhouse.

C J BYFORD & SON are killing animals whilst fully conscious purposely causing immense suffering!

Please review the footage here and add your signature to the petition. This will help apply pressure to the government and stop this business from operating which in turn will prevent further animals from enduring such horrific acts.


105,445 have signed. Let’s get to 150,000!