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ANON-IB and 4CHAN are two of the many websites that encourage the posting of UNSOLICITED photos of "local girls" along with their names, phone numbers, addresses, facebook accounts, and any other available information that the viewers can use to contact them. The creator of each post then challenges the viewers to obtain nude photos of these girls by ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

This means...  

AGGRAVATED HARASSMENT... Constantly calling, texting, messaging these girls on every social media platform 

SEXTORTION AND BLACKMAIL... Threatening to spread false sexual stories or send stolen photos to their friends, family, school or job if they don't send nude photos or perform sexual acts

PHYSICAL THREATS... Threatening to show up at their house, their school or their job

STALKING... Actually showing up at their house, their school or their job

These people do NOT stop. These girls are terrorized for weeks, months, years. Even changing their contact information does not remove the threat because now, these random people who are ALLOWED BY THESE WEBSITES to remain COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS know where they live, where they go to school, where they work, who their family and friends are. 

These girls can be your neighbors, your friends, your girlfriend, your sister, your daughter, your mother, you. They are normal people all around you who do not deserve the humiliation and torture that is perpetuated by allowing such EASY access to websites like these that KNOWINGLY let this happen to HUNDREDS, IF NOT THOUSANDS, OF GIRLS EVERY SINGLE DAY.

SOME OF THESE VICTIMS ARE CHILDREN. These websites are allowing the distribution of child pornography and facilitating sexual exploitation of children.

SOME OF THESE GIRLS ARE RAPE VICTIMS. There is graphic and irrefutable evidence of sexual assault, molestation and rape being posted, shared, traded and used for blackmail.

... AND ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IS BEING DONE ABOUT IT. These websites are not being used to catch criminals, they are being used to encourage and facilitate MORE criminal activity. Nothing is being reported, nothing is being removed, everyone is allowed to remain anonymous, no one is being banned from posting..... except people like me. I was reported and banned from posting on these websites for telling a young girl to go to the police and press charges.

How is this allowed to happen? Why are we not holding these websites accountable?

I realize that just shutting these two websites down will not solve the problem, but it's a start. By removing ANON-IB and 4CHAN, we will be eliminating thousands of names and photos, freeing at least some of these girls from their perpetrators and making it more difficult for the hundreds, if not thousands of criminals that have become comfortable using these two particular websites because of the security and anonymity it provides for them. We will be making a statement that this is only the first step, and that we will continue to fight every single one of them until all of our girls are safe. 

Please help me by signing and sharing this petition. Help me convince our government to eliminate ANON-IB and 4CHAN. 

Thank you,

Tamara Passeggio

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