@Shudder: Pick up The Homicidal Homemaker Horror Cooking Show!

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The Homicidal Homemaker is the best show on YouTube right now, and it is created by a talented young woman who funds it out of her own pocket. With Netflix recently making an announcement that they are producing their own horror baking show, it is time for us, the fans, to step in and help Kaci (THE ORIGINAL!) get the recognition she deserves!!!

With the recent explosive success of Joe Bob's Drive-In Theater on Shudder, it is so obvious that fans will turn up and support the things that they want to see. Netflix does not need your help. The small creators do!!!

I am asking you to take 5 minutes to watch one of Kaci's videos. Look at what she has done with no funding. Look at what she has done without financial backing. Without monetization on YouTube. It is remarkable. Now imagine what she could do if she could reach the audience she deserves!!!!

Kaci started her horror-meets-home-economics website years ago, and was the first of its kind. Since then, other bloggers and YouTubers have been inspired by her work. It is time for Kaci to finally get the recognition she has worked so hard for.

Shudder, the ball is in your court. Let's make it happen for Kaci! She is one of the hardest working women filmmakers in horror.