expedite the Real Estate Regulatory & Development Bill (Right to Home)

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expedite the Real Estate Regulatory & Development Bill (Right to Home)

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Lotus Panache Welfare Association started this petition to Shri Narendra Modi ji (Pradhan Sevak, India) and

Shri Narendra Modi Ji,   

Home buyers in this country are at the mercy of real estate developers. We are being exploited from every side. Authorities are not working in favor of home buyers. Developers have a free hand and do not care about the customers and are not afraid of law.   


Some of the issues that the home buyers faces are:   

- Launching projects without proper approvals. 

- Diversion of funds. 

- Unfair, abusive draconian era's agreements.

- Stalling the work after taking 95% of the money. 

- Demanding extra charges at the time of possession. 

- Humiliating buyers who raise serious question related to project approvals. 

- Blatant abuse of building bylaws and apartment acts. 

- Huge gap between promises and delivery

- Authorities are not giving access to information using RTI. 

- Using unregulated brokers/agent as proxy for fake promises. 

and the list goes on....  

In the absence of such regulatory body, buyer have to take up the issues on their own and what do they get in return?:  

- Defamation cases or better know as SLAPP suits 

- Fictitious FIR

- Mental and physical harassment

- Threat of cancellation of allotment  

We demand lawmakers should not ignore the grievances of Home Buyers and must keep following points in mind:  

- Transparency in acquisition of land and all other construction related licenses and permissions, Project/Home Layouts, Definition of Carpet/Super Area/Built Areas, Parking charges, Common Area, Maintenance Cost etc.

- Regulation/Registration/Certification of real estate agents.

- Equal Penalty for delay to both buyer and builder.

- Mechanism to ensure funds collected for project are not diverted. 

- Developers should not be allowed to collect additional charges not agreed at the time of purchase.

- Developers should not be allowed to change the layout of project/flat/home/towers after the purchase. 

- Protection of Consumer Activists who take on these corrupt Authorities/builders.  

We the law abiding taxpayers of this country appeal to you for a tough regulatory body to help us get "what is rightfully ours".  

We wish you all the best for your "RIGHT TO HOME" project.   


Bharat Waasi!


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This petition had 2,576 supporters

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