Ban (or at least discourage) the use of chemicals poisoning our food, air and water

Ban (or at least discourage) the use of chemicals poisoning our food, air and water

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Harish Shetty started this petition to SHRI NARENDRA MODI (PMO) and

Happiness comes our way
If Healthy we stay
And keep disease at bay

I am here to make
A passionate plea to ban the indiscriminate use of chemicals and fertilizers in our food.

As an active community member of the food industry in Mumbai (RK Hospitality has been serving healthy food for the last 45 Years) , I constantly urge people to adopt a healthy lifestyle, To follow a healthier diet comprising of vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

Recently, at a seminar I was conducting I was asked by a participant,” How can fruits and vegetables be key to good health when they are full of pesticides?”
This is a high priority question for our nation. Simply because we all are at serious risk.
There are numerous statistics to prove the health hazards of consuming plant food grown with pesticides. Washing fruits and vegetables is extrinsic cleansing and not the answer because the roots absorb harmful fertilisers which spreads intrinsically into the entire plant. There are numerous studies linking pesticides and chemical fertilisers in food to the cause of terminal diseases like cancer. According to a recent Medical Survey 2/3rd of cancer caused in patients are lifestyle related. Unhealthy diet is one of the main contributors to the same. Eating food that is pro-profit but not pro-life is killing us slowly but definitely

We say that we are a rapidly developing nation, but how will this benefit lives if our future generations are left to cope with disease and dysfunction?
There are global studies linking chemical cocktails in pesticides to not only cancer but also neuro development disorders like birth defects, ADHD and autism in children and Parkinson's n Alzheimers in the elderly

The answer to the question my seminar participant had posed is not to go and shop for expensive organic produce. Yes, now-a-days premium retail food chains do sell expensive healthy organic food. But good health is a basic human right and not a privilege only for the rich
Article 21 of the constitution of India guarantees the right to life and personal liberty. Right to life also includes right to live a healthy life, free from pollution, disease and illness. In that ,the lack of clean food, air and water are violating the right to life of every human and posing an alarming threat to humanity
It thus follows that we are well within our rights to solicit a ban on the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals fertilisers in our food.
And we know it is possible to make this *a new reality which we all deserve* .

Since December 2015, Sikkim has outlawed the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticide. It has become the first fully organic state of India. If a small state of modest population of six lakhs (approx.) could do it, why not the rest of India? That is true development resulting out of self awareness, conviction and empathetic consciousness True nation building.Ignoring this issue will affect us and our loved ones

You all can play a pivotal role in mitigating this risk and also lead together to help reverse this damage by supporting this petition.
Kindly sign our petition to urge the government to ban the use of pesticides and chemical fertilisers in our food.

This is an earnest plea that could change the lives of millions, I earnestly implore you to please do participate in rousing numbers and help this movement grow which is for a supreme noble cause by taking responsibility and doing our very little to create a better tomorrow for our own next generation.

Yours sincerely
Harish Shetty
Health Evangelist

0 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!
At 25,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!