Elephant killed in India due to animal cruelty

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A pregnant elephant was killed by eating a pineapple that had firecrackers inside it. The pineapple was given to the elephant by locals and not a moment too soon, the firecracker burst inside the elephant's mouth causing her endless pain. To keep the insects and to reduce the pain in her final moments, the elephant stood in the river and would not come out even when aid tried to help her. It was like she knew her time had come. She finally died on May 27 at 4 pm while standing in the river. This crime not only took away one innocent life, rather it took two. The unborn baby and the mother.

These animals are supposed to be safe. There are laws to keep this from happening (The Wildlife act, 1972) but ignorant as we are, the situation is getting worse. We can keep pointing fingers but every second wasted is another life gone. We need to take a stand and show humans their ill-doings. How long must these animals suffer in pain? Help them by using 2 minutes of your time by signing this petition. Bring the attention of the media to this event so that the responsible party faces appropriate consequences and history is not repeated again, at least at their hands.

Animal cruelty is not something that is uncommon to us humans. We have seen it take form in some way or another. It is very saddening to bring you yet another tragic story. With your help, the government may impose stricter consequences that will save many animals in a hopeful future.