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Implement Wildlife National Park/Tiger Reserves Rules & Regulations strictly

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There are rules and regulations stipulated for tourists visiting Wildlife National Park and Tiger Reserves. These rules and regulations are meant to protect the privacy, convenience, environment and social behaviour of the wildlife habitants of these Parks and Reserves.

However, the rules and regulations are very often flouted and the habitants of Park and Reserves like Tigers are put to great inconvenience and un-natural circumstances. For example, there are guidelines to be adhered when going around in the Park and especially when Tiger(s) are sighted, like the vehicles have to maintain minimum amount of distance, tourist/occupants have to maintain complete silence not to disturb the animal, etc. And the driver and naturalist in every vehicle in the Park/Reserve are responsible to ensure these guidelines.

However, very often, these guidelines are brutally flouted and upon sighting a tiger there is mad rush all vehicles to encircle the animal from all sides possible and get as near as possible, metaphorically, the jeeps ride on the tail of tiger. And the tourists are seen shouting and chatting at top of their voice. The driver and naturalist are often silent spectator or even sometime become part in driving the jeep extremely close to the animal to oblige the tourist into giving generous tip.

There are many other violations in collusion with local hotel lobby for everyone to profit. Only losers are the animals of the Park and Reserves. With encroachments in their privacy, lifestyle etc. these animals wander into the civilised (!!) area and rise to human-animal conflict.

What is required by the government is to ensure that the rules, regulations and guideline are implemented in word as well as spirit and very strict penalties are imposed on violators. We should remember that when we go into the forest it is we who are going into their (wildlife) territory and are obliged to respect their privacy, their way of life by not encroaching upon it.

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