Change the Shrewsbury High School Mascot to Something That’s NOT Racially Insensitive

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In this time of momentous change across the nation and even the world, a place where we might start to raise consciousness in Shrewsbury is with the high school’s mascot.

The United States came about as citizens rose up against the colonial empire and the 13 colonies became the states of a new independent country. The Massachusetts Bay Colony was a giant corporation that recruited poor people to exploit the resources in this “new world” and send the wealth back to England. Colonialism with its slavery, servitude, and distruction of indigenous populations, is nothing to be proud of. Do we ever hear words like colonial or colonialism used in a good light? What we hear on the news about the countries that many Shrewsbury students come from is that they are trying to heal from their “colonial past”.

It’s about time we understand the appearance of Shrewsbury students wearing a logo that looks perilously close to European and therefore white dominance. Why would we want to honor the enemies of democracy and American independence? As of right now, 37 schools in MA that have racially insensitive and even insulting mascots, are considering changing their names. The time is NOW for us to wake up to racial insensitivity, to recognize we occupy the land where Native Americans once thrived, and confront a history of inequality. Our school must consider that the Shrewsbury “Colonials” sounds a lot like the “white supremacists”. Let’s make a new and inclusive identity that represents the evolving Shrewsbury.