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Get Mickey Milkovich Back on Shameless

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We the undersigned request that the Showtime Network return Mickey Milkovich to Shameless for season 9 and for the remainder of the series. We fans of the show ask for his return for more reasons than I alone can list here because there are so many reasons that I may have not even considered, but here are just the top reasons that come to my mind.

1. Mickey represents a huge collection of the Shameless fanbase:

He represents closeted gay and lesbian young people with unsupportive parental figures, young people with jailbird or absent parents, poor people, undereducated people who had to quit school to provide for their families, "thugs" who don't know of anything else because their family taught them to rule the streets rather than do things the "right way," rape survivors, rape survivors who were forced to raise the products of their assault, survivors of paternal domestic violence, people who love someone with a mental disorder like bipolar, people who find love in less than ideal circumstances and wonder if it is worth pursuing that love just because it's hard.

2. Mickey Milkovich represents all of the above described people and so many more, I'm sure. Seasons 6 and 7 attempted to undermine Mickey's character and growth through attempts to twist his past actions to reflect him differently as a character. This attempt to assassinate his character was an insult to every single person Mickey Milkovich has touched and anyone who feels represented by this character because they share some experience or characteristic in common.

3. Mickey's character development is simply unmatched to any other character in existence. He went from a terrified and violent seemingly one-dimensional thug to a thug with a justifiable reason for being angry (closeted in a homophobic home), to someone who was willing to make small compromises for the sake of the boy he loved, to someone who bursts out of the closet to fully accept himself, his relationship, and embrace a new future with someone he truly loves and respects and who loves him back. Mickey went from being too scared to act on his true feelings to being brave enough to express his truth and finally live his life open and unashamed.

4. Mickey's coming out inspired a LOT of other people to come out and for those people their stories ended much more happily than Mickey's. 

5. For new viewers watching Mickey for the first time, however, watching Season 6 and 7, seeing how following your dreams could lead to all of your dreams crashing down and all of your efforts slapping you in the face, may have the opposite effect to have young viewers afraid to come out and chase their dreams, even in the pursuit of love.

6. Ian's story line was best with Mickey when they each had someone who selflessly worked to help each other through any obstacle. Ian helped Mickey gain the courage to come out and helped him start to connect with his son and Mickey was doing every single thing in this power to help Ian through his diagnosis, and there were (and still are) many other obstacles they could work through together as a couple and as individual characters that would provide multiple exciting story lines and seasons.

7. Noel Fisher and Cameron Monaghan are top quality actors who deserve top quality storylines. They each gave the audience the best example of a non-conventional relationship where the characters grow together, sacrifice for each other, a relationship with a strong friendship as a foundation to match their passion and unmatched chemistry, and showed incredible devotion that everyone should see and hope to emulate in their own relationship. They gave us some of the most exquisitely shot onscreen kisses and most memorable scenes of all time.

8. Ian and Mickey worked hard to transcend their circumstances to have a healthy and mutually supportive relationship despite their upbringing with severely unhealthy models of "love" and "marriage." Though much of their development for the domesticity we saw in season 5 was off screen, it was still such a natural progression and the love and devotion was palpable. Seasons 4 and 5 showed that these characters will do everything to find a happy balance with each other in order to make their relationship work.

9. It has been three seasons since Mickey was a regular character on the show and he is still a hot topic in the fandom. People still tweet #BringMickeyBack daily and on just about every one of Shameless' tweets people erupt in pleas for Mickey's return. The cast are asked about Mickey's return so much that they are annoyed with the question. This is a fan-favorite character who has been ripped away despite how beloved he is and the sooner we have him back, the sooner we will praise the network and producers for bringing him back.

10. We aren't going away. We will continue asking for Mickey's return until the final moment. And you, Showtime, owe it to your loyal fans who still watch the show despite the loss of their favorite characters and plead with you daily for his return, and owe it to the representation of the above listed groups of people, to bring him back and bring him back in a way befitting of such a profoundly impactful and beloved character.

11. They both still love each other. It's clear that they still love each other desperately and Ian even said so before leaving Mickey at the border. That "I love you" got Mickey's and your fans' hopes up for endgame. Don't expect that you can tease the fandom like that without the audience demanding a follow-through.

12. They have both been through every single thing a couple can go through: 

Family and society saying they can not be together, overcoming adversity, discovering a mental illness and deciding to work together to work with it and find a new normal together, incarceration and STILL wanting to be together, literally staring down the barrel of a gun multiple times and still deciding this person is worth it.

All of these things, and Mickey still just wants to have a nice life with Ian by his side and so far, Mickey has been the only person to make Ian truly happy and is the only one in Ian's life to actually actively try to help him. 

13. They weren't just "boyfriends," they were building a life together. They lived together for basically two whole seasons whether it was at the Milkovich or Gallagher house, they were always together. They were raising a son together. They worked through financial concerns together. Mickey even called himself after only just coming out less than a year before, "his partner, lover, family." Such a deep foundation for endgame deserves a follow through.

14. The Shameless writers literally WROTE these characters to be perfect together and Cameron and Noel sold it unlike any other ship ever before on TV. These characters deserve to find each other again because the fans were guided into loving them and have been dragged through the mud the past three seasons of begging for him back only to have him ripped away and never mentioned again.

15. While many fans have already left the fandom, there are still fans who continue with the show in desperate hopes that the show brings Mickey back or that Ian realizes that he needs Mickey in his life, and those fans who left the fandom actually still check in from time to time with their friends who are still with the show because they are wanting to come back for if/when Mickey returns. Those fans who are hanging in there won't sit through all of S9 like they did S8... They won't wait forever.


There are plenty of ways to bring Mickey back in an exciting way that is befitting of this character and would make Gallavich stronger and more impactful than ever. I offer my email made specifically for my Shameless blog and for this purpose to extend my sincerest invitation for anyone with Showtime or Shameless to contact me about this petition and the fandom's thoughts in general:


Most sincerely,

The Mickey Milkovich & Gallavich Fandom <3

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