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Speaker of the Indiana House is ratcheting up the rhetoric against Indiana Democrats who have fled to Urbana, Illinois to protest the myriad of bills designed to weaken our working class, our cities and towns, and our nieghborhoods.

Please sign this petition to show both House Republicans and House Democrats that we stand united in our support for House Democrats. I encourage you to add your own comments to this petition.

Each signature will automatically be emailed to all House and the Senate representative of both parties and our Governor, Mitch Daniels.

Please forward this to five or more of your friends. If you belong to any group that is organized against the attacks against our hoosier middle class, please share this with all of them.

Letter to
Indiana State House
Indiana State Senate
Indiana Governor
I support the Indiana House Democrats who are standing up for the working people of Indiana. Hoosiers need their strong and united voice fighting against the extreme over-reach that is pervasive in our current leadership.

I encourage House Republicans to work with House Democrats to find common sense solutions that reflect the Hoosier values that make our state strong.

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