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Should Justice have an expiration date?

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When does justice expire? How long should a person be allowed to seek it?
There is a law in our country, little known to the general public., called the Anti-
terrorisom and Effective Death Penatilty Act ( AEDPA ). This act sets a 1 year
statute of limitations on any person that is imprisoned by the US state court being
allowed to ask the federal courts to review their case to ensure that they were
given a fair trial by the state.

Should justice ever have an expiration date? Well, the AEDPA effectively sets one with its 1-year statute of limitations.

A large
number of people are serving long sentences in the US prisons who were convicted in blatently
unfair trials, yet who are barred from seeking the basic justice of a new, FAIR trial through
federal review, due to this extremely unjust "expiration date" This needs to change in the simple
interests of justice. Wheather it takes a person one or twenty years to bring their legitimate
claims of violations of their constitutional rights to the federal courts, they should have at
least ONE oppurtunity to have their case reviewed, to ensure theirs was a fair trial. Simply
refusing to even consider the claims because they are "out of time" results in far too many

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