Save Snail Lake

Save Snail Lake

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Why this petition matters

Started by Alicia Baraga

In December 2020 Tycon Companies purchased the former Union Gospel Mission property on Snail Lake in Shoreview. Tycon has submitted a proposal to the city council to build a 55-foot-tall, 660-foot-wide,  268-unit market-rate apartment complex, 22 villas and 7 houses (also market rate) on that property. 

The scale of the project and its shoreland location would create a litany of potential problems for the lake and the surrounding streets and neighborhoods.  The project would wipe out dozens of 100-year old trees, generate noise and light pollution, impact the lake and wetland areas, and bring a host of traffic and safety issues.   

The property is currently zoned for institutional use.  In order for Tycon to develop the land according to their current plan, they need the Shoreview City Council to approve rezoning the property from "Institutional" to "Mixed Use" and/or "High Density".  

By signing this, you are petitioning the Shoreview City Council to deny Tycon's request to rezone the property to Mixed Use or High Density and ONLY allow the property to be zoned as low- or medium-density residential, which limits the development of that property to single family homes.  

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4,484 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!