ShopRite: Cut Conflict Palm Oil

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As a staple grocery store in many communities, ShopRite has a tremendous impact on what customers buy. Many companies like Kellogg's, Hershey's, Walmart, and more have changed their corporate . policies to better the environment. We think ShopRite needs to do the same. 

Palm oil is a commonly used oil in many commercial goods like cookies, ice cream, shampoo, etc. However, some palm oil is harvested illegally by corrupt producers who are cutting down acres of rainforest to plant palm oil plantations. These plantations are driving many of the world's most unqiue species, like the orangutan, the sumatran tiger or the Borneo elephant to go extinct. These illegal producers must be stopped. 

To do so, we kindly ask ShopRite to implement a sustainable palm oil policy, stating that they will NOT buy from these illegal sources. Instead, we are asking ShopRite ensure that its supply chain is fully traceable and legally grown. Organizations like RSPO, Rainforest Action Network, and GreenPalm help food distributors like ShopRite by outlining sustainable rules and calling out illegal sources. We ask ShopRite to adopt their own set of guidelines and ensure that they are consistently followed. In order to drive real change, ShopRite should publish a time-bound plan that includes performance-based milestones that will be need to be met to cut Conflict Palm Oil by a deadline. We want ShopRite to make legal commitments toward sourcing 100% RSPO-certified palm oil by 2025, sourcing palm oil that is fully traceable to the plantation by 2025, and annually reporting progress for implementation of these policies. 

We believe that developing a sustainable plan is not only achievable (as many other food distributors have already taken steps to do this), but also beneficial to ShopRite. Many of our petitioners have already made statements to avoid or boycott ShopRite if ShopRite continues to deny responsibility to this critical issue. Let ShopRite take responsibility and cut ties with any association with deforestation, animal extinction, and labor exploitation.  

Thank you.