Beat the Receipt

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Flux is campaigning to reduce toxic paper waste from unnecessary receipts.

There are 11 billion receipts printed in the UK every year. Two thirds of these are thrown away unused, meaning billions of paper receipts go straight from the printer to the bin.

This is the equivalent of 53,000 trees going straight into the bin. In other words, almost as many trees are in Britain’s discarded receipts than in all of Sherwood Forest - or all of London’s Royal Parks. 74% of people in the UK would prefer to receive all receipts digitally, but just 5% of us receive a digital receipt on a daily basis.

The Beat the Receipt campaign seeks to raise awareness amongst shoppers about the waste and polluting nature of paper receipts. We also want to help retailers make a positive change in reducing their waste from receipts. This petition is designed to encourage key decision makers to take a proactive approach in offering non-printed alternatives to receipts.

By signing this petition you’ll help demonstrate the real need for a digital alternative to paper receipts. There are also a number of informative GIFs you can share on the campaign website, designed to help spread the word on the issue.

We already have the likes of KFC, Itsu, Pure  EAT. on board - and are hoping this petition will highlight the unnecessary waste and raise awareness to ensure that both the public and brands are doing what they can to help reduce paper receipt waste.

We also have support from Green America's Skip the Slip campaign - they've made great progress in the USA and are already impacting legislation in California.

Around 50% of printed receipts also contain bisphenols, a group of chemicals that includes bisphenol A (BPA) which was categorised as toxic to humans and the environment by the EU in March 2018.

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