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ABC: Keep Jesse Williams on Grey's Anatomy

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 We have been made aware of a petition circulating asking ABC to fire Jesse Williams from his prominent role as Dr. Avery on Grey’s Anatomy. Many were angered by his speech at the BET Awards Show, a show geared towards highlighting the achievements and accomplishments of people of color.

He never once mentioned white people. He only uplifted people of color, in the protected space of a cultural programming station. Unfortunately, those who are content with the status quo, and don’t want to see anyone empowered other than themselves, somehow saw every word he said as a direct affront to themselves. They are asking for him to lose his job, in a country where we have a constitutionally guaranteed right of free speech. Apparently, only for themselves.

 ABC has, and continues to lead the way in positively showcasing African Americans, and providing a place where we can see our own faces reflected on the TV screen. Shonda Rhimes shows what can happen when you let us tell our own stories.

Jesse Williams is a huge part of why millions of African Americans tune into Grey’s Anatomy every week. He is beloved of America, on and off the screen.

We the undersigned ask that ABC consider the statement you would be making to millions of people if you remove him from his role. You would be telling us that free speech is not a right for African Americans. You would be telling us that our voices don’t matter. That black lives don’t matter. That everything he said was wrong, including his belief that he had a right to say it. As he accepted an award for being outspoken, for being at the forefront of the Black Lives Matter Movement. As he followed in the footsteps of countless others before him, standing up for his beliefs.

 Your revenues are dependent on your advertising dollars. Which is dependent on your viewing audience. Which is a large percentage of black households. Who then stay tuned for Scandal.

We implore you to do the right thing, and support the right of an American citizen to exercise their 1st Amendment rights, without fear of retaliation. Keep Jesse Williams in his role on Grey’s Anatomy.

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