Retract the Unfair Copyright Claims on Videos that Fall Within Fair Use

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ShoPro has blocked many Pokemon anime-related videos on YouTube even though they fall well within the realm of fair use. Fair use allows copyright-protected works to be used for criticism, commentary and parody, among other uses. Many YouTubers and viewers have been hurt by ShoPro's decision to block Pokemon anime-related videos indiscriminately. These YouTubers include TheJwittz, Tamashi, Lockstin & Gnoggin, Pokesins, Entity Mays and MegaCrasher.

Both content creators and viewers have been deeply affected by this issue. Content creators are afraid of making Pokemon anime-related content as their videos might get taken down, and viewers are unable to watch the series they enjoy. It hurts because we love Pokemon and these fan-made videos referencing the anime series are our way of celebrating our love for the Pokemon anime series.

Remember that when the Pokemon Sun & Moon anime series first came out and the general sentiment was that the art style has taken a step back and Ash looked strange compared to the past few seasons? People didn't like the changes in general, but those fan-made videos actually made people interested and actually give the series a chance. This is another huge reason why the takedowns are a slap in the face for many of the affected content creators.

To ShoPro, please retract your copyright claims against these channels and their videos as they fall within fair use. To others, please show any channel you know has been affected by this issue some love and support.