Help us get 50 off-leash beaches in the Shoalhaven, families with dogs need you!

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Paws4Shoalhaven is a not-for-profit based on the south coast of NSW.

Our region was decimated by bushfires in early 2020 and we have suffered under the pandemic with a drastic fall in tourism, which is the lifeblood of our area. For many, our mental health was saved by the simple act of walking our beloved dogs on our local beaches.

The community-building and support we experienced daily through this activity has saved many of us from isolation and despair. Regrettably, a handful of anti-dog people has influenced our local council who now want us off the beaches and behind fenced-in areas. We are worried this will have a negative effect on our lives.

Dog experts tell us this will be counterproductive. This is hard to understand when we have 109 beaches in the area. But only 11 of these are off-leash. There are over 50,000 registered dogs here and the overwhelming majority of owners are responsible. We pick up and we follow the rules. But we need more beaches.

As tourism recovers we are going to be swamped by pet owners from other cities and there is so much space we could use. There is plenty here to share. So we ask you to sign our petition.

We want 50 beaches designated off-leash, plus doggie bags, bins and water. So we can keep exercising our dogs — and so we can retain some dignity. Our council needs to understand. And your support by signing this petition will send a powerful signal to our democratically elected representatives that they must listen to the people. Thank you.