"Stop! 4 Storey 12​.​85m High Development in Burrill Lake NSW"

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We are local residents and deeply concerned about the over development of the Edgewater Motel Burrill Lake. The development of the Edgewater Motel will have adverse impacts on the lake foreshore, vegetation, ecological processes, public access, street parking, neighbourhood character, visual amenity, and noise.

The scope and scale of the proposal is too large for the site on which it is proposed. It is too high, blocky and without architectural features sympathetic to its site. The development will include a motel, restaurant, pub as well as a 4th floor outdoor roof top terrace which will have a huge impact on noise in the location of Burrill Lake. 

The proposal will cut off direct pedestrian access to the beach from the highway and other areas to the north-west which has been provided under the new highway bridge.

Parking spaces of 75 are the requirements for this proposal, but only 52 are planned. Parking is at a premium for this area for people to access Burrill Lake beach, Holiday Haven Caravan Park and camping areas.

Many residents of Burrill Lake do not want to see our village turned into a Gold Coast. We need these types of developments left to urban areas that already have this type of development, not small villages like Burrill. 

I urge you to please support us in opposing/objecting to this development. We request Shoalhaven council bring this DA 19/2160 to a full council meeting for determination, due to its size, sensitive location and exceedance of council’s development controls.

If we lose, this will set a precedent for similar developments to be built on the foreshore of Burrill Lake. We hope to encourage and get support from our local council to object to the size, scope and many impacts from this development. 

Please sign our petition with your place of residence. We need 1000+ signatures. http://chng.it/XML5TM9J

https://shoalhaven.nsw.gov.au/ DA19/2160