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A coalition of councillors who voted against the rescind motion to keep our library has put forward rescission motions to move the Library to Vincentia as part of the Vincentia Hub Plan.

We must tell our Councilor’s, especially those from Ward 2 and 3, that we the residents of Sanctuary Point, want to keep our Library and we want it upgraded. 


 - A two-storey library in a sporting precinct is an extravagance!
There is already a well-used Library in the Bay and Basin.  This facility should be upgraded.  The council should be spending money on other more pressing issues.

 - Sanctuary Point is the population centre of the Bay and Basin area.
The 2016 Census noted that the resident population of Sanctuary Point was 7,234 - making Sanctuary Point one of the largest towns outside Nowra/Ulladulla

- Many people who use the Library walk to the Library.
Many residents walk to the Library, including members of Sanctuary Point's large retirement population and families with young children.   Not everyone has the privilege of owning a car or the funds to spend on petrol.

 - The proposed site is 4.8 km away from the population centre of the Bay and Basin.
This equates to an hour and 10-minute walk from Sanctuary Point Library for a fit and healthy person (source: Google maps). Walking to the proposed Library in Vincentia would not be possible for elderly residents or parents pushing prams and dragging toddlers.

 - There is no regular public transport to the proposed location.
The Route 32 bus only runs from Sanctuary Point to Vincentia (Coles) 4 times a day. Running the other way, Vincentia (Coles) to Sanctuary Point, there are only 4 buses scheduled (Source: Nowra Coaches).

 - We can’t trust Council to keep Sanctuary Point Library open.
It has been suggested by some that Council had plans to retain the Sanctuary Point Library after the Library in Vincentia opens. Council employees have told many locals, including traders along the Sanctuary Point shopping strip, over a number of years, that the Library would close when the proposed one opened. I'm not sure what promises the locals in Milton were told but I do know that the Friends of Milton Library had to fight long and hard to keep their Library after the Ulladulla Library was opened.

 - It’s been proven that libraries play an important role in low social economic areas.  
It is well documented that Sanctuary Point residents are not as privileged as their Bay and Basin neighbours and the area is considered vulnerable in a number of domains. It is simply fair and equitable to keep the Library in Sanctuary Point where the need is greater. There is a great wealth of research that supports the need for Libraries to be located in areas of greater need.

On Tuesday 30th January Cr Bob Proudfoot put forward a rescission motion before the Council with regards to Council’s proposed master plan for Vincentia that included the construction of a multi-million dollar Library. In the original motion, there were no assurances in this master plan that the library at Sanctuary Point would be maintained. Cr Proudfoot also called for the Library at Sanctuary Point to be upgraded to a regional library. 

 At the meeting, Cnr Proudfoot noted that “Many people use the Sanctuary Point library, that needs to be expanded … a two-storey library in a sporting precinct is an extravagance … [the] Bay and Basin plan will cost 30-40 million* dollars we don't really have, at the expense of the things that have been put on hold for far too long. Let's build a district library where the population is, it makes better planning sense”

*Council’s costing for the proposed Library would be $28 Million

 Following further discussion by the Councillors a rescission motion carried with thanks to Crs Watson, Proudfoot, Guile, Pakes, Levett, Alldrick, Kitchener

 This being:

- That Council rescind the Motion relating to Item SA18.7 of the Council (Strategy and Assets Committee) Meeting held on Tuesday 23 January 2018.

- The following resolution (MIN18.19) was adopted at the Strategy & Assets Committee held Tuesday 23 January 2018.

That Council:

Adopt the Draft Bay & Basin Master Plan, with minor wording changes to the report as outlined in the submission table.

During development of detailed design Council incorporate additional Learn to Swim/ Therapy Pool.

Continue the licence with the Department of Education for the existing building at Sanctuary Point and have staff liaise with the local community and user groups to determine its best use.

 In additional motion was carried:

 - [that council would] Defer consideration of the Draft Bay and Basin Hub Master Plan until council receives a report back on other staging options excluding the district library

- Prepare an application for a District Library at Sanctuary Point

FOR: Crs Watson, Proudfoot, Guile, Pakes, Levett, Alldrick, Kitchener
AGAINST: Crs Gartner, Cheyne, Findley, Wells, White, Gash

Following this Council Meeting, many Sanctuary Point Residents were relieved that our Library would be saved and it would be upgraded. 

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We urge you to contact our Councillors directly, asking them to keep the Library in Sanctuary.  Full contact details provided on Council’s website -

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